Blue Star Aristo RO+UV+UF 7-Liter Water Purifier, Black


Blue Star water purifier which comes with RO(Reverse Osmosis) and UV(Ultraviolet) technology to provide you clean drinking water. RO plus UV technology helps in removing impurities from water like germs and provide you clean drinking water all the time.
The water purifier is a combination of elegant looks combined with performance. The water purifier from Blue Star can contain up to 7 litres of water at a time. The water purifier features a compact design with touch buttons for power.
It also comes with a water dispenser through which you can dispense fresh clean water for your use.
Due to its compact size, this water purifier can be placed comfortably in your kitchen or workspace. The water purifier also features alerts like purification alerts, tanks, and low-pressure alerts.

Specification for this item.

  • RO(Reverse Osmosis) + UF(Ultrafiltration) + UV(Ultraviolet) purification technology along with aqua taste booster.
  • Tank Capacity: 7 liters.
  • Elegant looks complemented by superior performance.
  • Water Output: Ambient. Net weight: 8 Kg.
  • Alerts like purification alert, tank, and low-pressure alerts.
  • Kindly note: For every litre of water purified, 650 ml of water is thrown out by the machine. It is encouraged to save the water in a container and use it for cleaning utensils, washing clothes.
  • Product Warranty: 1 year.
  • Rated Voltage: AC230V / 50Hz ;
  • Power Cord: 1.5m ;
  • Power Consumption: 36W,
  • Include inside the Box: Water Purifier, User Manual and Warranty Card.

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